What are the nickel alloy classifications?
What are the nickel alloy classifications?

Nickel alloy can be divided into the following five alloys by usage:

1. Nickel based high-temperature alloy
For this kind of alloy, the main elements are chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, titanium, zirconium, etc.. Among those elements, chromium plays a role to resist oxidation and corrosion. Other elements play a role to strengthen.
Nickel based high-temperature alloy has higher intensity and ability to resist oxidation and gas corrosion. It is the most widely used high temperature alloy and the highest strength alloy at high temperature.
It is used to make aviation engine blades, rocket engine, nuclear reactor, high temperature parts of energy conversion equipment.

2. Nickel based anti-corrosion alloy
The main elements are copper, chromium, molybdenum. It has excellent over-all properties and can resist all kinds of acid corrosion and stress corrosion. It can also be called monel alloy. Nickel based anti-corrosion alloy is applied to make varied corrosion resistant parts.

3. Nickel based abrasion resistance alloy
The main elements are chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, there are also little niobium, tantalum and Indium. In addition to abrasive resistance, it also has good antioxidation, corrosion resistance, and welding performance. It can be used to make wear-resistant parts. It can also be used as clad material.

4. Nickel based precision alloy
It contains nickel based soft magnetic alloy, nickel based precision electro-resistance alloy and nickel based electrothermal alloy.

5. Nickel based shape memory alloy
It contains 50% titanium. Recovery temperature is 70℃.

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