Molybdenum Sheet Cleaning Method
One kind of molybdenum sheet cleaning method will be introduced to you.

As everyone knows, tungsten and molybdenum products are important industrial materials. Although molybdenum has excellent high temperature resistance, molybdenum being exposed in the air in normal temperature would occur oxidation reaction and generate molybdenum oxide MoO3. The followings are about cleaning methods to clean up the surface oxide of molybdenum sheet.

In addition to the commonly used alkaline wash method, like other metals, molybdenum sheet cleaning method can use pickling. Here we recommend one molybdenum sheet cleaning method: use mixed acid: 50% volume ratio of nitric acid and 10% volume ratio of hydrofluoric acid to clean up molybdenum sheet. During the cleaning process, the  temperature must be controlled between 102 and 150 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The mixed acid is able to effectively eliminate oxides on the surface of molybdenum sheets. After pickling, molybdenum sheets must be repeatedly washed by using water, which can be considered the last step of the whole rinsing process.

In view of the mixed acid is high-risk product, strict protective measures should be taken in all cleaning steps. The proper safety equipments in the cleaning process of molybdenum sheets includes (but not limited to), mask, acid-proof gloves, chemical resistant apron and boots and good ventilation.

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