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Our company is dealing in


and other

rare metals

for more than 25 years. We are mainly focusing on manufacturing various tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and other rare metal products, such as rods, sheets, wires, crucibles and boats with various specifications. We can also provide various special-shaped products according to customers鈥 requirements.
With these years鈥 development, we have accumulated strengths to manufacture first-class products and gained good reputation and trust from customers all over the world.
Why Choose Us
1.Appearance of products has no obvious bending, crack, burr, peeling and other defects affecting the further uses.
2.The highest density of products is 19.2g/cm3 and internal structure of products is compact.
3.The smallest tolerance of machining dimensions is +/-0.05.
4.The crystal structure of products is compact.
5.Products have no internal defects and cracks.
1.Communication between our sales staffs and customers is fluent.
2.Sales people regularly visit customers and understand their basic requirement.
3.Sales staffs accompany clients to visit our factory.
4. We will deal with returning products and provide reprocessing and replenishment if problems exist in our part.

Sales Area
Non-Ferrous Metals of Sanhui Sold to All Over The World锛孎or Example:
1 百姓抱怨不迭
2 找sf刚开一秒
3 盛大逐鹿私服
4 把刘尚坤换下
5 网页游戏变态传奇私服
6 cqsf轻变靓装

    Sanhui Rare Metal Honour
    Sanhui Rare Metal Honour
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