Molybdenum Crucible
molybdenum crucible
Character of Molybdenum Crucible

molybdenum Crucible

is energy saving one that we introduced advanced equipment from German. With the high level production level, our molybdenum crucible is characterized by stable quality, strong anti-oxidation, anticorrosion, high temperature resistance, quick heat conduction, high efficience. Moreover, the serve life is three to five times than the common domestic crucible.
In addition, with the best evaporation plating effect, it applies in sapphire crystal growth, quartz glass melting, vacuum coating, rare earth smelting and other industries.
Specification of molybdenum crucible
Purity: Mo≥99.95%
Density :ρ≥10.15g/cm3
Surfaceness: Ra≤1.6
Status: Deformed( Spinning)
Application temperature : ≤ 1750ºC

Parameter of Molybdenum Crucible
Name molybdenum crucible
symbol GGM
diameter(mm) 100-550
density 9.9g/cm3—10.1g/cm3
Height(mm) 50-700
usage for rare earth metal smelting and high temperature container
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