Nickel Bar
nickel bar
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nickel bar

s for sale, Zhengzhou Sanhui with over fifteen years experience in exporting nickel bars and

nickel alloy round bars

and other metals and alloys. The factory combines any metalworking process - rolling, slitting, shearing, heat-treating to meet your specification. Our products is characterized by corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance. They could be used in chemical and petrochemical processing, electronics and etc.

In addition, we provide metals and alloys on demand in forms of plate, sheet, strip, bar, wire, pipe, tube and others. Call us today, we offer 7/24 phone service and our sales team will response you in fluent English.

Specifications of Nickel Bar
Type process Delivery condition diameter(mm) standard
N4,N5,N6,N02200,N02201 Hot  rolled+ grounded R M 6-200 GB4435  ASTM B160    DIN17740
NCu28-2.5-1.5,  NCu40-2-1 Hot  rolled+ grounded R M 6-200
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