Molybdenum Tube
Molybdenum Tube
Features of Molybdenum Tube

molybdenum tube

has the features of high melting point, high strength, outstanding thermal conductivity, and excellent resistance to thermal impact and corrosion. In powder metallurgy industry, it is common to use molybdenum tube as the protective tube for the thermocouple.
We also offer

molybdenum alloy tube

and molybdenum seamless tube with thin wall. Molybdenum vanadium alloy tube is characterized by 100% recycle, it is environment friendly, energy saving.
Molybdenum thin walled seamless tube applies in components of electron tubes,heaters of high temperature furnaces,thermocouple retainers,etc. Chrome molybdenum alloy tube is a type of seamless steel tube, its performance is much better than common seamless steel tube.
Parameter of Molybdenum Tube:
Diameter(μm) Weight    mg/200mm   
20<d≤30 0.65 -1.47  
30<d≤40 >1.47 -2.61  
40<d≤100 >2.61 -16.33  
100<d≤400 >16.33 -256.2  
400<d≤600 -  
600<d≤2500 -  
We could offer tube with length of over two meters, for the specific size and specification, please list your requirements, and we will offer customer tailored molybdenum tube.
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