Molybdenum Plate
Molybdenum Plate
Features of Molybdenum Plate
With the features of high melting point, high creep resistance and low thermal expansion, uses of molybdenum is to make molybdenum plate, molybdenum alloy sheet, molybdenum wires and etc. Molybdenum plate can resist corrosion and is used to produce many special steels.

Molybdenum plate

can be produced from molybdenum powder under special processing. Molybdenum plate is made by squeezing, forging and rolling.Molybdenum plates are widely used in lighting and vacuum electric devices, electric power semi-conduction devices, heating bodies, heat shields, molybdenum boats, molybdenum crucibles and others.

Molybdenum plates also commonly used in molybdenum electrodes, vacuum furnace, nuclear energy, missile and aircraft spares.

 The specifications and sizes of molybdenum plate, we could offer according to your specific requirements, and the application environments and the the operating temperatures.
Molybdenum alloys chemical compositions
Type Chemical composition(%)
Mo Impurity
Mo1 >=99.95 <=0.05
Mo2 >=99.9 <=0.10
Molybdenum plate dimensions and tolerance:(mm)
Thickness Width Length
>0.30-0.30 50-250 100-1000
>0.70-1.0 50-800

Please note that commonly the thickness less than 1.0 mm we call molybdenum sheet and thickness more than 1.0 mm we call molybdenum plate. We could offer the custom tailored service, please contact us with your list of requirements.
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