Tungsten Crucible
tungsten crucible
Brief introduction:

Tungsten crucible

is one of tungsten products. It is mainly divided into sintering (applied to powder metallurgy technology), stamping, spinning type of tungsten crucible. Using pure tungsten plate, tungsten sheet and tungsten rod through the corresponding technology to produce tungsten crucible. Tungsten crucible can be used in vacuum inert gas under 2600 degrees.

Applications of tungsten crucible:
Tungsten crucible is widely used in sapphire single crystal growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, rare earth smelting furnace and other core containers of industrial furnace. Its operating temperature environment is more than 2000 degrees.

Tungsten crucible is widely applied in vacuum sintering, laser crystal growth and other industries. Since tungsten is expensive and the processing conditions are severe, so the reuse of tungsten crucible becomes the concern for most of manufacturers.

According to the modes of production, tungsten crucible can be divided into sintered tungsten crucible, punching tungsten crucible, machining tungsten crucible and welding tungsten crucible.

Characteristics of tungsten crucible:
Tungsten crucible has high purity, high density, no crack, precise size, smooth inside wall and outside wall.
The possible internal injuries of tungsten crucible, such as porosity, slag and cracks are double strictly inspected to ensure the quality of tungsten crucible.
The crystal structure of tungsten crucible is compact.
1.Condition: sintering or forging.
Material Density Size
w 99.95% 19.1g/cm3(Forging)  Diameter:10-100mm;  High:10-120mm
w 99.95% 18.3g/cm3(Sintering)  Diameter:100-650mm; High:50-850mm
2.Measurements and tolerances(mm)
Delivery condition Specification Thickness Roughness(μm)
Diameter Height
Sinter 10~700 10~1000 5~30  
Finished sinter 10~650 10~850 7~25 <2.5

Manufacturing process and equipment
Item Process Equipment Quality Check point
1 Tungsten powder   1.Purity of tungsten powder
2 Sieving High frequency vibrating screen 2.Fsss,HB
3 Mixed powder V shape mixer 3.Green strength
4 Isostatic pressing Isostatic pressing machine 1.Measurement of rough-processed billet
5 Rough billet lathing CNC vertical turning machine 2.Surface quality of rough-processed billet
6 IF sintering IF induction sintering furnace 1.Outside measurements of finished product
7 Competitive products  lathing High-accuracy vertical turning machine 2.Surface quality and roughness of finished product,density
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