Tungsten Electrode
Tungsten Electrode
Brief introduction:

Tungsten alloy bars are made from tungsten matrix blended with 0.3%-5% of rare earth elements, such as cerium, thorium, lanthanum, yttrium, zirconium, by powder metallurgy method. Tungsten electrode is made of the tungsten alloy bar by pressure processing. Tungsten electrodes with the diameter of 1mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm are most commonly used. The shape of tungsten electrode end is an important factor for TIG.

Tungsten has high melting point, strong electron emission ability, high elastic modulus and low vapor pressure, so tungsten electrode was used as thermal electron emission material early.
The shape of

tungsten electrode

tip is an important factor for TIG.

Characteristics of tungsten electrode:

Tungsten welding electrode

has excellent welding performance, great arc starting capacity with good arc stability, low electrode burning loss, long service life, free of slag and splashing and high welding quality.
Tungsten electrode plays an important role in tungsten argon arc welding of arc, arc stability and welding quality.

Applications of tungsten electrode:

Tungsten electrode is used for inert gas protection arc welding, plasmacutting, spray-coating and furnace melting.
Surface conditions of tungsten electrode:
Grinding, cleaning, electrolysis polishing, drawing or forging.
Tungsten electrodes are used in the application scope of TIG welding.

Type, compositions and colors:
Type compositions colors
added oxide% substances substances% tungsten%
W     <0.20 99.8 green
WT4 0.35--0.55 THO2 <0.20 remaining blue
WT10 0.8--1.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining yellow
WT20 1.70--2.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining red
WT30 2.80--3.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining violet
WT40 3.80--4.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining orange
WZ3 0.15--0.50 ZrO2 <0.20 remaining brown
WZ8 0.70--0.90 ZrO2 <0.20 remaining white
WL10 0.90--1.20 LaO2 <0.20 remaining black
WC20 1.80--2.20 CeO2 <0.20 remaining grey

2. Specifications (mm)
Diameter Length
1.0  150              175
3.2       6.3
4.0       8.0
5.0     10.0
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