Tungsten Sheet to North America
Tungsten Sheet
Sanhui Co., Ltd has a set of complete tungsten processing equipments to manufacture all kinds of tungsten products. We can provide tungsten wire, tungsten bar, tungsten sheet, tungsten plate, etc.
Our tungsten products have gained good reputation in North America market. We have several old customers in America and good business partnerships have established between us.
One regular America customer purchase our tungsten sheet and we have more than 7 years of friendly business partnership.
The demanded tungsten sheet is produced according to GB standard. Tungsten sheet specifications are as follows:
tungsten sheet specification:
designation process delivery condition size(mm)
W1 P/M cold rolled(Y) 0.10-0.20
hot rolled® >0.40-4.0
 Tungsten sheet Impurities:
Grade   W-1
Impurities Fe 0.002
(%max) Si 0.001
  Ca 0.0005
  Mg 0.0005
  Ni 0.001
  Mo 0.002
  P 0.001
  C 0.002
  O 0.002
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