Tungsten Plate
tungsten plate
Simple Introduction:
We select high quality tungsten powder and produce good processing property blanks with special rolling technology,and then produce

tungsten plate

So tungsten plate has good processing performance and low content of impurities. The crystal structure of tungsten plate is compact.

Tungsten plate has excellent properties, so tungsten plate is widely applied.

As we all know, tungsten belongs to refractory metal. Tungsten plate is machined on the basis of tungsten. Tungsten plate is featured by high intensity and hardness, good abrasion resistance and excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. Due to these characteristics, tungsten plate alloy is widely applied in cutting tools and mining tools.

In addition, tungsten plate has high melting point and tungsten plate is not easily corroded by air, so tungsten plate is mainly used to make tungsten filament and the high-speed cutting alloy steel, superhard mold. Tungsten plate is also used in optical instrument, chemical apparatuses.

What is more, tungsten plate also can be widely used in metallurgical, chemical, electronic, light source, machinery and other industries.

Applications of tungsten plate:
Tungsten plate is suitable to process ion implantation parts and is used to produce lighting source parts and electro-vacuum equipments. Tungsten plate also is used to make tungsten heat elements and tungsten heat shields for furnace.

tungsten plate specification:
designation process delivery condition size(mm)
W1 P/M cold rolled(Y) 0.10-0.20
hot rolled® >0.40-4.0
Tungsten plate Impurities:
Grade   W-1
Impurities Fe 0.002
(%max) Si 0.001
  Ca 0.0005
  Mg 0.0005
  Ni 0.001
  Mo 0.002
  P 0.001
  C 0.002
  O 0.002
Application   For tungsten alloys
Tungsten weight in tungsten plate is more than 99.95%.
We have our own factory and provide

tungsten cable

and tungsten machining.
We can forge tungsten, molybdenum, TZM and other metal alloys in rods, bars, blocks with high density and excellent machinability. We can produce tungsten plate according to the customer drawing.
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